Hardwood Flooring. 

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      Hardwood flooring installation.


Why Wood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is probably one of the most attractive flooring you'll be able to choose to have and are some things which will bring you delight at the moment and be a plus in the event you sell your home.


Hardwood Floors are Reasonably priced

Hardwood floors are perhaps the most engaging flooring you will surely have in your house and has maintained its recognition through out the decades. In the event you put in in the facts a hardwood floor can last for your life span of the home hardwood flooring might be one of the best value in flooring there is. Because you are able to see hardwood flooring should not be excessively a lot more than other several types of flooring. While you consider the sturdiness attractiveness and resale value of hardwood then hardwood flooring seems like one of the best value.





Hardwood Floors are Easy to Maintain:

Typical care of your hardwood floors simply require that you simply sweep or vacuuming often keep the hardwood floor from extended contact with standing water or dampness and guard from direct sunlight. Take note of these few items plus your hardwood floor will last the life span of the home.


Ecological Sound:

Hardwood flooring is made of 100% natural material, you will find no glues or chemical compounds involved in manufacturing of hardwood flooring stock. Hardwoods are instead harvested from managed sustainable forests. The days of cutting timber without thought to what the longer term cost is gone. Nowadays U.S. Forest Service statistics show that there is close to twice as often new growth is added yearly as is harvested. For this reason there is certainly new standing hardwood timber today than 50 years ago.



Do you think you're conscious that hardwood floors develop the air quality of the home. Dust mites are not able to live in hardwood like they may carpet and all the species of dust particles can't stay like carpet so you will not have to stress about allergies as a result of unidentified particles touching your floor.


Selection and Variety:  

Hardwood flooring stock is available in many kinds types colors and there are many stains also finishes to finish a hardwood floor with to help you develop a look and elegance exclusive to the home and decor.



Hardwood Floor Care

Hardwood floors are a natural life investment which enable it to help to increase the value and beauty of the property as well as add to the salability of your property so appropriate upkeep is significant. Schedule maintenance should include shielding the surface from moisture and severe wear that  generates scratches. Periodically cleanse the floor with an established wood floor cleaning product suggested by a hardwood floor installer or specialist Spills and Spot.  Spills or spots can commonly be wiped up using a damp cloth. Vacuum or Sweep. You have to removed any material which will scratch, gouge or damage a wood floor a minimum of once weekly by vacuuming or sweeping. Monthly You possibly can clean with an approved wood floor cleaner or wash with warm water and a light detergent, both are as effective.






Protect -

 Rugs will guard high traffic areas from ware also tear. Window covers can help protect wood flooring from fading. Place protective pads on furniture legs so they don't mark the floor.

Moving -

 If you need to maneuver heavy furniture or appliance place a something strong plywood underneath the piece being moved to give out the load to scale back denting or scratching. For light pieces use a spotless blanket or a piece of carpet face down beneath the piece that you should moved.

Be Aware -

 High heel shoes which have misplaced their protecting cap, small stones can scratch also gouge a floor's surface.

Moisture and Standing Water -

Moisture or standing water are generally extremely destructive to wood flooring. Wetness can obviously come from standing water or mud and also from excessive moisture in the air can generate problems too. In consequence you should not leave the climate in your house uncontrolled for extended time periods. water can perform damage

Fading -

Hardwood floors fade, darken otherwise adjust with time, this will take place even if you protect the floor from direct sunlight but not protecting the floor from direct sunlight will merely speed up and make the fading worse over time. The ways you are able to avert reduce fading is make use of rugs, window coverings and remember that areas covered by furniture will cause irregular aging.


Preparing for the wood flooring.


Wood floors fit jointly by the use of a protruding tongue on one side of each strip that matches right into a groove in the following board. For the most part wood flooring is 2 ¼ inches wide and ¾ inch thick. Nails, or flooring staples, are driven with the tongue into the sub flooring. Once a traditional wood floor is install, it should be sanded smooth after that finish. A solid wood floor unlike a laminate or engineered one expands and contracts widthwise not lengthwise with adjustments in temperature and humidity. Absolutely necessary to get a ½ inch gap between the wood flooring as well as the wall to permit because of this movement.





 Subfloor Preparation

A Hard Wood Floor is perhaps probably the most eye-catching floor in your house that  enable it to include significantly to the overall attractiveness and ambiance of your home. However if a hard wood floor |is simply not installed over a correctly prepared subfloor it frequently contributes to troubles that may cost you money and frustration.

Breakdown to deal with subfloor troubles often leads to soft creaking, and popping noises. Nails or staples will fail to hold over time and troubles will start to compound on each other as time goes on. 80% of Hard Wood floor failures are resulting from insufficient subfloor preparation.



Hardwood floor installers tend to be confronted with special challenges when coping with Cement subfloors if not handled properly by a extremely skilled hardwood floor installer will result in the eventual breakdown of the hardwood floor. Described below are the conditions that may be confronted by hardwood floor installers.

Soft or deteriorating slabs surfaces will decide the primer and adhesives product types that should be used. Soft or deteriorating slab surfaces will require special priming and possibly a extra flexible kind of adhesive to handle natural expansion and contraction of wood. Certain slab material types may require an extra cementratious layer or leveling material to be applied to assure the surface integrity for a wood floor installation.

Subfloor Moisture Content and Relative Humidity during installation will play determining roles in the success or failure of the hardwood floor installations.

Vapor Emission or upward moving moisture from the subfloor will have a long term result towards the failure of the hardwood floor installation

Radiant Heat System shave unique preparation requirements compared to common concrete slabs. Some wood floor adhesives are approved for radiant heat applications.

Slab Flatness has to fulfill certified principles for any wood floor installation. There ought to be not more than a 1/8 inch in ten feet deviation. Low spots can make a hollow noise effect. Appropriate leveling, smoothing and priming slab substrates promote optimum adhesive application and banding and insure a long-lasting, professional installation. Surface Contamination, there are numerous different types of cement slab surface contaminates may be encountered. The best way to insure all residues and contaminates that may interfere with adhesive bonding are removed is by mechanical means however some contaminates and lightweight residues is usually "sealed in" with surface primers. The proper primer can save as much time and expense as it takes to totally remove contaminates while insuring secure bonding with the adhesive.


Preparing for the wood flooring.

Hardwood Grades

The looks of your wood determines its "grade." All grades are just as strong and serviceable, but all affords you a brand new look.


Hardwood flooring product developing a least amount |variety of marks and discoloration. This grade of hardwood is consistent needs a reliable look and allows the natural color variations.


Choose may take in limitless sound sapwood, slight imperfections in milling, small tight knots every 3", pin worm holes, burls plus an affordable number of minor open checks.

1 Common

Distinguished  variations in color and

2 Common

Can contain variations of the forest product and manufacturing imperfections. The aim of 2 Common grade is to produce flooring appropriate for homes, universal utility use or where nature marks and contrasting look is preferred. The above descriptions is a official definitions recognized by NOFMA which are differ detailed and complex


Staining for Hardwood Flooring

The majority floors obtain a natural finish except a colored stain is usually utilized and can work fine when eager to coordinate that includes a other basics in the room for example cabinets, tile, etc.

Hardwood Floor Finishes

You may discover all kinds of finishes but the break down into two different types Oil Base. Oil base finishes tend to be more hard-wearing and stronger plus they carry out the natural wonderful thing about the wood better. The draw backs for an oil base finish involve the application. They take more time to dry and fumes will saturate a room for a few days pending the floor cures.

Water Base

Water base finishes are typically more environmentally friendly and apply earlier and dry sooner without annoying fumes that could linger for days. In addition if you are looking for any softer more delicate look then water base finishes maybe the suitable choice.


Installing hardwood flooring







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